*****Wonderful! Amazing Verified AMAZON Purchase
By tdunton on July 12, 2014Wonderful! Amazing! The Essential Oils are the key to this product,to Treat Heel Cracks and dry sore feet. I'm using them now as I write this, wear with your flip flops before you take a shower and you will not be disappointed. I'm on my second time around after I've recharged them with the essential oil packet, socks held up well with wash. I washed them by hand and air dried.

Finally have the Soft beautiful feet you've always wanted

          Toe Socks you infuse with essential oil to Soften the skin on your feet

Bambooties are Socks that you wear to treat the skin on your feet. Bambooties are made with 82%  Bamboo Rayon, Infused with a blend of essential oils and special blend of moisturizers! Bambooties treat dry cracked skin, cracked heels, split skin on toes, soften calluses and the essential oils treat athletes feet.