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Magical treatment for your feet, August 5. 2014
By Maggie Malone
I’m convinced there’s a little bit of magic in these socks and essential oils! I have other night socks for my dry feet, but these are superior. I wear them while I’m watching tv or
on the computer (with crocs as the oil will get everywhere). And afterwards my feet are
so soft, I like these for summer because the bamboo is breathable and my feet don’t get hot.
I’m buying a second pair just to have on hand for the future.
I gave one less star because they do run small - - I’m a women’s size 8.5 and I’m always stretching them so they stay on. Just a bitlarger and they’d be a 5 stars!  

Soft as a babies behind!!, March 10, 2014
By frqntbyr
I love these~this is a way to soften my chronically cracked “summer” feet while I do housework or surf the net. I have tried a number of different lotions and potions to
ease the dry cracking and nothing I’ve tried works better than this product.
I highly recommend!! Pamper yourself!!  

Bambooties Toes Socks, June 17,  2014
By Paul Espe
I loved this socks!!! I had a foot fungus ( from getting a pedicure) that wasn’t going away and I was desperate to find something to get rid of it so that I could comfortable walk  again,
I had tried several things but, they started working the very first time that I put them on in just thirty minutes. I have now worn them about three times in one week and my problem
is almost completely gone after months of suffering!!!  I would highly recommend them and will continue to wear them for the other benefits they have off making my feet much softer.  Thank you very much for this wonderful product that has enabled me to finally start walking again without painful blisters

Very soft feet, June 3, 2014
By Coni Meyers
I have been using these toe socks with the essential oils for awhile. Not only do they keep my feet soft but I put a little of the essential oil on a small patch of  eczema to keep it under contro;.
I put them on when I get out the shower while I’m getting dressed. I wear them with a pair of flip flops
to not get the oil on my floor. Then put my regular footwear on. They are fantastic!  
My name is Sherrie Myers and this is the why and how of Bambooties.

I am a licensed Manicurist. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and it's hot – so I wear sandals all the time. My feet got very dry and started to crack. I looked for a solution, when I couldn’t find it I created it.

I am a busy person and I wanted to incorporate my foot treatment with my daily regime.  I needed a effective moisturizing treatment  for my feet. I bought a bunch of stuff to put on my feet, these products didn’t do much and they added time to my daily routine. I came up with the idea of taking a pair of socks and soaking them in a moisturizing cream. I would wear them after I got out of the shower and was finishing up dressing, doing my hair etc. Of course I had to wear slippers or I would track the cream all over the bathroom, but it didn’t take any extra time and was easy to incorporate into my daily routine.  I just didn’t feel like the moisturizers lasted. So I developed my own foot moisturizing product. I won’t call it a cream because it’s more like a wax, It coats the skin and holds the essential oils to treat the skin on the foot for a longer time.

Then I discover that certain socks made with certain types of yarn hold the foot moisturizing product better than others – Bamboo fiber is the best. It is called viscous rayon fiber. It absorbs the moisturizer and yet transfers it to the foot. Bamboo is a type of grass and very woody pulpy plant. Bamboo fiber is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so this made the best sock for the foot moisture treatment.

I still had bad calluses on my feet, I came to the realization that I needed to exfoliate the calluses on my feet. I looked around and found this great sugar foot file. It works perfect in the shower because there are no metal parts to rust.

That’s the story of Bambooties.

          Toe Socks you infuse with essential oil to Soften the skin on your feet